Euro Jet Supports Slovenia’s EU Presidency Flights

Euro Jet Supports Slovenia’s EU Presidency Flights

21. 09. 2021 News 1min

Euro Jet is proud to support diplomatic flights related to the Slovenian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

Slovenia will hold the Presidency of the Council of the EU until the end of the year and many of Europe’s top leaders and government officials will be welcomed in this Balkan country.

Ljubljana Airport (LJU/LJLJ) is the main airport for all incoming diplomatic flights and business aviation traffic. Please contact our 24/7 OPS department at ops@eurojet-service.com for detailed information regarding special procedures that have been established by the airport.

Traffic at the other two Slovenian entry airports Portoroz (POW/LJPZ) and Maribor (MBX/LJMB) might be also affected so we recommend paying and extra attention to the procedures while planning a flight to these locations.

Our Country Manager for Croatia and Slovenia, Davor Brixy, and his team of agents will ensure that all diplomatic operations are handled seamlessly and with the highest level of service. We are also ready to assist with all flights coming to Portoroz and Maribor.

We offer a whole range of flight support services in Slovenia including:

  • ground handling support,
  • competitively priced jet fuel,
  • landing and overflight permits,
  • flight planning,
  • crew accommodation,
  • crew transportation,
  • in-flight catering,
  • credit for qualifying customers.

We look forward to supporting your flights in Slovenia!

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