To Park or Not to Park. And Where?

To Park or Not to Park. And Where?

14. 05. 2024 News 3min

That is the question every operator or broker will be asking when setting up flights for the Mediterranean this summer. Greece, Italy, and Spain belong to some of the most challenging destinations when it comes to obtaining slots and airport parking. Having a plan for an alternate airport becomes a necessary part of a private flight operation. To save you some time, we have prepared an overview of the best alternatives in the region.

Private jet travel in Greece, Italy, and Spain has been on the rise since 2022 and continues to remain strong in 2024. During the busy summer season, the demand for slots and parking is higher than what airports can accommodate. To manage the incoming traffic, the airports impose severe restrictions on slots and parking. Some of the busiest destinations include small islands where local airports are restricted by their geography.

Our Alternate Airports document contains an overview of the best alternatives in the region for Greece, Italy, and the Spanish islands of Ibiza and Mallorca. You can find the link below.

When setting up a trip to these countries, it is essential to have up-to-date information on the conditions of not only other airports within the destination country but also in the wider region. While it makes sense to search for a parking solution in the same country where you are going, it might prove more convenient and economically smarter to consider alternate airports in the adjacent Balkan countries with larger parking capacities.

Croatia in particular offers excellent alternatives with many airports providing long-term parking. Dubrovnik (LDUU) is a great choice thanks to its abundance of parking positions. Zagreb (LDZA) is also a reliable choice with plenty of parking.

You can find an overview of the best alternatives for Greece, Italy, and the Spanish islands of Ibiza and Mallorca in our Alternate Airports document. This document also includes the most important parking restrictions in these countries as well as information on distances, seasonal availability, long-term parking positions, and maintenance facilities for each alternate airport.

Thanks to our trusted global trip support network, we are ready to help you plan your trip and offer advice on ideal alternate airports for Mediterranean destinations. If your aircraft repositions to Euro Jet’s core region of Central and Eastern Europe, our local teams of dedicated on-the-ground agents will be there to support your flight and your crew.

Please reach out to our Sales Team or our Operations Center if you have any questions or if we can be of any assistance.

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