Ground Support

Whatever your journey entails, Euro Jet staff will make sure you are provided with the highest level of service at all our locations. Our ground agents are English speaking professionals with local knowledge and ready to assist you 24 hours a day.

Ground Support

Contracted Fuel

Euro Jet Fuels works directly with fuel suppliers in order to provide you competitive industry pricing. We can provide fuel releases anywhere in the world at a moments notice. Regardless of the volume, we will ensure your aircraft has priority refueling services with all payment arrangements settled in advance.

Contracted Fuel

Landing and Overflight Permits

No matter where in the world you need to go, we can secure all overflight and landing permits. Our 24/7 operations team can handle last minute permits as well as any complicated permits requiring complex paperwork.

Landing and Overflight Permits

Flight Planning

Our licensed dispatchers are able to create flight plans at a moments notice. We carefully analyze each leg to provide you with such services as the most efficient route, best alternate airports, and entry/exit points. All flight plans are customized to our client’s requirements and include all NOTAMS and current weather.

Flight Planning

In-flight Catering

The quality of catering and its presentation leaves a lasting impression with the passengers on every flight. We therefore carefully select our vendors and supervise preparation of all meals. In many parts of the world where VIP catering is not the norm, we provide proper training to make sure you always get the best quality product.

In-flight Catering

Flight Riding

Euro Jet offers an experienced team of flight riders that have coordinated VIP travel on every major continent in some of the most remote and difficult parts of the world. Our flight riders will travel with you, oversee every aspect of the ground operation including supervising check-in procedures, coordinating baggage equipment and loading, controlling the VIP catering, and ensuring all required refueling is expedited.

Flight Riding

Crew Accommodation

It is our responsibility to find a safe, secure, comfortable, and of course reasonably priced hotel for your crew. Before recommending a hotel, we personally visit the property to make sure it has the highest standards and the most competitive pricing. We partner with many internationally renowned hotel brands.

Crew Accommodation


Whether you are looking for a luxury Mercedes vehicle, minivan, or charter coach, we can assist with transportation for both passengers and crews. Our carefully selected transportation companies offer new vehicles that adhere to the highest safety standards. We also have Euro Jet ramp cars that allow for the most efficient operation in many locations.


Credit Available

Credit can be provided to our customers at airports worldwide. We work together with all airports and other vendors to make sure you not only avoid pre-payment but also get the best possible pricing.

Credit Available

Who We Serve

Executive Aircraft

  • World Leaders
  • CEOs and High Level Business Leaders
  • Kings, Princes, Princesses and other Royalty
  • Celebrity Rock Stars and Movie Stars
  • High Net Worth Individuals

Cargo Aircraft

  • Quickturns for tech stops
  • Cargo onloads and offloads
  • All ground support services including fuel
  • Livestock handling
  • Oversized cargo
  • Diplomatic, military and relief cargo

Commercial Aircraft

  • Scheduled airline service
  • VIP Groups
  • Tour Operator and Holiday charters
  • Large industry delegation charters
  • Press group charters
  • Official government delegations
  • Test flights and demo flights
  • Technical refueling stops

Military Aircraft

  • Executive aircraft carrying high ranking officials
  • Commercial aircraft moving troops abroad and back home
  • Cargo aircraft moving vehicles and sensitive materials
  • Helicopter movements for short hops and fly-overs

Aircraft Delivery

At Euro Jet, we understand that your aircraft is one of the largest possible investments one can make. We specialize in coordinating the new delivery of aircraft and ensuring that we start a trend by having your first flight go perfectly. Therefore it is our responsibility to ensure that your investment is well taken care of on the ground, especially on its maiden voyage.

Our Prague

EuroJet - Hangar

In addition to Prague, Euro Jet is able to provide hangar space in Belgrade, Podgorica, Riga, and Budapest.


Prague Hangar

Euro Jet is proud to offer the use of our own Euro Jet hangar located at Prague’s Vaclav Havel International Airport.

Our hangar facility includes:
  • Ability to Accommodate Multiple Heavy Jets
  • 24 Hour Security
  • Fully Enclosed Area with Heating Facilities
  • Crew Room
  • Office Space
  • Special Rates for Long Term Rental
  • Long Term Storage Space
  • Aircraft Cleaning Services Available
VIP Services at Prague Airport:
  • 2 Complimentary VIP Lounges in Terminal 3
  • Dedicated Ramp Agents for Every Flight
  • Euro Jet Crew Vehicle
  • Dedicated Lectro for Towing Services
  • Negotiated Hotel Rates at Top Prague Hotels

VIP Crew Lounges

Located across our core region, the Euro Jet lounges can be utilized as a place to relax or get some work done. Our comfortable couches, flat screen televisions, and complimentary snacks and beverages provide a relaxed atmosphere. We also provide on site computers, Internet access, printer, fax, and scanner to accommodate your work needs.

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Prague, Czech Republic

Karlovy Vary, Czech Republic

Tivat, Montenegro

Zagreb, Croatia

Dubrovnik, Croatia

Constanta, Romania

Poprad, Slovakia

Sofia, Bulgaria

Warsaw, Poland


We Are at Your Service

24 / 7 support for all locations

Email: ops@eurojet-service.com

Tel: +420 2333 43 362
Fax: +420 2333 43 102
US and Canada: +1-800-849-0597