#Avgeek Alert: Top 5 Places in the Balkans Every Avgeek Should Visit

#Avgeek Alert: Top 5 Places in the Balkans Every Avgeek Should Visit

3. 04. 2024 Blog 7min

The Balkans are famous as the top destination for that perfect summer seaside vacation. But this region in Southeast Europe offers even more than beautiful beaches and romantic sunsets, especially for the avgeek crowd. From prime plane spotting opportunities to state-of-the-art aviation museums and interactive aircraft experiences, the Balkan countries are ready to take you on a wonderful journey of the skies.

Thanks to our teams stationed at airports across the Balkans, here is a list of the best five places every avgeek should have on their bucket list when heading into this part of Euro Jet’s world.

Hop on the Kotor Cable Car to arrive at one of the best plane spotting locations in Montenegro.

1) Montenegro: Plane Spotting in Tivat

Stretching along the Kotor Bay, Tivat belongs to Montenegro’s most popular vacation destinations. Its airport is surrounded by sea and mountains which create beautiful scenery for aircraft landings and take-offs. To enjoy the very best views, we recommend hopping on the newly opened Kotor Cable Car which will take you all the way to the top of the Lovcen mountain.

Situated just above Tivat Airport, this location is perfect for plane spotters and aviation enthusiasts eager to enjoy all the airport action while also admiring the gorgeous Kotor Bay and the 34 mountains surrounding the historic town. The cable car runs every year from April to October.

Two simulators, a VR experience, and plenty of educational content make HeliSpace perfect for some avgeek family fun.

2) Croatia: Avgeek Family Fun in Krapinske Toplice

If you find yourself on a family vacation in Croatia and in search of some avgeek fun for your little aviators, there is a wonderful place just an hour north of Zagreb, the country’s capital, that is guaranteed to entertain both adults and kids. HeliSpace in the town of Krapinske Toplice is an interactive park where you can explore the world of helicopters – and even test your flying skills on a professional helicopter flight simulator!

In addition to two simulators and a VR experience, the park offers plenty of educational content, a tour of an impressive collection of helicopter models and pilot equipment, and videos of pilot training and missions. Next to all the helicopter fun, Krapinske Toplice is also a well-known spa town – so why not combine your visit with a couple hours of relaxation in the local thermal waterpark?

Our Balkan Network offers local knowledge and highest level of flight support service at 44 airports across the region.

Euro Jet Network in the Balkans

Over the past 16 years, Euro Jet has developed a network of local agents at 44 airports across the Balkan region. Our teams on the ground have an in-depth knowledge of the local airports that ensures we are always ready to provide the highest level of service for any type of operation. We operate 11 well-appointed complimentary crew lounges and 6 ramps vehicles at the most frequented airports and can offer a full range of ground support services for your flight.

Travel to Lake Ohrid to get that summer tan while watching airplanes up close.

3) North Macedonia: Up Close with Jets in Ohrid

Imagine going for a swim while observing a landing aircraft just 30 meters above you. Sounds exciting? Then pack your bags and head to North Macedonia’s Lake Ohrid.

Lake Ohrid is famous for its ancient culture, mesmerizing nature, and stunning vistas. To enjoy getting that summer tan while watching airplanes up close, be sure to visit the lakeside beach between the towns of Struga and Ohrid. This part of the lake’s northern coastline is right next to Ohrid Airport, making it the perfect place for plane spotters.

The charming ancient city and arguably the best aviation museum in Bulgaria make Plovdiv a great stop on your way to the Black Sea coast.

4) Bulgaria: Stop in Plovdiv on Your Way to the Beach

The Air Museum Plovdiv is not only the largest but arguably the best aviation museum in Bulgaria. Located at Krumovo Air Base just south of Plovdiv Airport, this open-air museum displays an impressive collection of 70 aircraft, including fighter jets, helicopters, cargo planes, and commercial aircraft. The indoor section of the museum features photographs and aircraft models spanning the history of Bulgarian aviation. The museum is open from Wednesday to Sunday.

Plovdiv is a charming ancient city in central Bulgaria, just a few hours’ drive southeast of Bulgaria’s capital, Sofia. That makes it a perfect stop on your journey from Sofia to Burgas or Varna, the popular summer destinations on the Black Sea coast.

For the ideal day in Sarajevo, combine plane spotting with sightseeing in the historically rich city center or head to a nearby waterpark.

5) Bosnia and Herzegovina: Sarajevo City Airport

Sarajevo Airport’s location is truly unique. While most airports tend to be positioned on the outskirts, Sarajevo airport is situated right inside the capital city surrounded by residential areas from all sides. Because of this, the airport is well connected to local infrastructure and transportation to the city is quick and easy.

It also has many opportunities for plane spotting: Just at the end of Davorina Popovica Street, there is an amazing place right next to the main runway where you can snap the best aircraft photos. For the ideal day in Sarajevo, you can combine this with sightseeing in the historically rich city center or head to the nearby Ilidza Thermal Riviera with indoor and outdoor swimming pools and hot springs.

Enjoy your next trip and we hope to see you soon in the Balkans!

Images: Euro Jet Archive, Shutterstock, HeliSpace, Wikimapia, Whichmuseum, Wikimedia

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