City Getaway in the Caucasus: Tbilisi

City Getaway in the Caucasus: Tbilisi

10. 04. 2024 Blog 7min

Spring is here and so is the perfect season to continue our exploration of the Caucasus region following the best travel tips from our local teams. In our previous City Getaway article, we travelled to the Armenian capital of Yerevan. This time, let us move further north and take you on a journey through Tbilisi, Georgia, a city located in a mesmerizing country called Sakartvelo by the locals.

One of the oldest cities in the world, Tbilisi’s rich history is reflected in its architecture that combines medieval, classical, and modern styles. The best advice for this vibrant city and the ultimate getaway comes from Eduard Mnatsakanyan, Euro Jet’s Country Manager for Georgia. Buckle up, the trip begins!

Located on a hill above Tbilisi's city center, the Mtatsminda Park offers some of the best views of the millennia-old capital.

What To See

Tbilisi’s Top 5 Gems

The number one attraction of Tbilisi is without doubt its Old Town quarter which is filled with historical monuments, charming streets, and ancient temples. Its appeal lies in the combination of old street vendors, delightfully colorful wooden-carved houses, and an ever-present lively atmosphere.

Food enthusiasts will be transported to taste bud heaven in the Old Town’s spectacular restaurants and open-air cafes. The most popular place is the restaurant-lined Jan Shardeni Street where you can get a taste of the famous Georgian cuisine.

Just a few steps from the city center, you can find the National Botanical Garden, a 300-year-old wonder well worth discovering. Its 161 hectares hide a labyrinth of meticulously maintained gardens, bridges, waterfalls, and selfie-worthy romantic hideaways. The beautiful pathways are surrounded by a large variety of trees and flowers as the garden boasts a collection of over 4,500 botanical species.

One of the oldest cities in the world, Tbilisi offers plenty to see and do for history buffs, food enthusiasts as well as nature lovers.

Travelling with kids? Then Vake Park offers all you need for a fun day outdoors. Next to an open-air cinema and a range of cafes and dining options, it also features a charming children’s town with several merry-go-rounds. You can also hop on a cable car that connects the park with Turtle Lake where you can go swimming in the summer or take your little ones for a boat ride.

No city visit would be complete without admiring its skyline from up above. Located on a hill just above Tbilisi’s city center, the Mtatsminda Park offers some of the best views of the millennia-old capital. After enjoying a ride on the big Ferris Wheel, have fun on the park’s many carousels, water slides, and rollercoasters. The whole area is connected to the town by the Funicular Railway which is a fun experience on its own.

Euro Jet's team in Georgia looks forward to welcoming you at Tbilisi, Batumi, or Kutaisi airports.

Euro Jet in Georgia

In case you are flying private to Georgia, Euro Jet’s local teams led by the Country Manager Eduard Mnatsakanyan are ready to offer premium ground support at the country’s all three main airports – Tbilisi (UGTB/TBS), Batumi (UGSB/BUS), and Kutaisi (UGKO/KUT)

Recommended: A Day Trip from Tbilisi

There are plenty of opportunities for a day of exploration outside of Tbilisi, but our Country Manager Eduard has these 3 tips for you.

Mtskheta, the ancient capital of Georgia situated just about 20 kilometers from Tbilisi’s city center, is an ideal day trip option. Considered a “Holy City” by the Georgian Orthodox Church, Mtskheta stands out for its breathtaking medieval architecture and several churches and monasteries of historical importance. It also attained recognition as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 1994.

For outdoor enthusiasts, Tbilisi National Park is just an hour drive from the city center and a great place for hiking and cycling. There are three biking routes of various difficulty, one pedestrian and even one horse-riding trail. It is also perfect for camping and picnicking, especially in summer when you need to escape the heat of the city.

Wine lovers will enjoy a day trip to Chateau Mukhrani, a renovated palace with a large surrounding estate and a famous vineyard. The Chateau, located just 45 minutes by car from Tbilisi, traces its roots to the ancient winemaking tradition of the Mukhrani region. During your visit, you can participate in a wine tour and taste some of the finest Georgian wines.

There are plenty of opportunities for a day of exploration outside of Tbilisi - be it sightseeing in the ancient Georgian capital of Mtskheta or tasting some of the best Georgian wines at Chateau Mukhrani.

What to Taste

Cuisine is a huge part of the Georgian culture. There are so many different meals and recipes to taste but according to Eduard the absolute musts are the local barbecue and kebabs as well as Chakapuli and Khinkali. Chakapuli is a stew made of lamb chops, onions, cherries, and tarragon leaves while Khinkali are traditional Georgian dumplings that nowadays come with a variety of fillings and seasoning.

As for a drink, you cannot go wrong with a glass (or a bottle) of Georgian wine as winemaking is a long-standing local tradition. For the special experience of the wine harvest and savoring of the first wines of the season, we recommend planning your visit for September or October.

Cuisine is a huge part of the Georgian culture and tasting a traditional meal - local barbecue, kebabs, Chakapuli, or Khinkali - is an absolute must.

Where to Stay

One of the premier choices for luxurious accommodation in Tbilisi is the Sheraton Grand Tbilisi, situated in the vicinity of the Old Town. Another great option is the ultra-modern Biltmore Hotel Tbilisi – its impressive glass skyscraper makes it the tallest hotel in the Caucasus region!

We look forward to welcoming you to Tbilisi!

Images: Euro Jet Archive, Shutterstock, Tripadvisor

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