Euro Jet Ready for NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

Euro Jet Ready for NATO Summit in Vilnius, Lithuania

3. 07. 2023 News 5min

Euro Jet is ready to provide support for flights related to the NATO Summit scheduled to take place on July 11-12, 2023 in Vilnius, Lithuania. The summit will be presided over by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg and held at the LITEXPO - Lithuanian Exhibition and Congress Center.

Representatives from almost 50 diplomatic delegations of foreign states and up to 2,000 representatives of non-governmental organizations and international media are expected to attend. This includes American President Joe Biden as well as Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Traffic Restrictions in Vilnius

The strictest security measures and traffic restrictions will be applied during the event. Traffic and mobility limitations will be put in place in Vilnius Old Town, Vilnius Airport, and other areas within the city. Only authorized vehicles, including all first responder vehicles, Dignitary Protection Service (DPS), embassy vehicles, and vehicles with embassy permits, will be allowed to enter the restricted areas.

Flights not related to the NATO Summit attempting to fly to Vilnius (EYVI/VNO) and Kaunas (EYKA/KUN) during this time should anticipate significant disruptions, delays, and likely denied overflight and landing permission.

From July 7-13, flights of small aircraft, balloons, and drones will be forbidden to fly over Lithuania. During the summit, all commercial flights will be prohibited within the 30km airspace of the Litexpo Exhibition Hall. Furthermore, no flights will be allowed in Vilnius for 26 hours from July 11 at noon until July 12 at 1400.

Euro Jet at Vilnius Airport (EYVI/VNO)

The ramp will be divided into special security zones with ramp access minimized and granted only to airport personnel necessary to support diplomatic flights related to the summit.

Euro Jet’s Ground Support Coordinator at Vilnius Airport, Danguole Pleseckiene will be present on the ramp and able assist with Euro Jet flights.

Vilnius Airport Transportation and Vehicle Parking Restrictions

Two out of three access roads to the airport along with the main operating road are scheduled to be temporarily closed. The remaining accessible street will handle all delivery traffic to the airport. Parking around the airport will not be permitted and pedestrian access will not be possible.

Our clients are advised to ask their embassies to provide transport for the crews as embassy vehicles or vehicles with permission from the embassy will not be stopped at security points and will be allowed into restricted zones even in the city center.

Euro Jet at Kaunas Airport (EYKA/KUN)

Some NATO Summit related flights will go to Kaunas Airport, where our customers will be met airside by Euro Jet's Country Manager for the Baltics, Kasia Kopanska and Euro Jet's Country Manager for Poland, Marcin Zak. Both have extensive experience in supporting diplomatic flights across the region.

Kaunas Crew Transportation

Transportation options for the crews arriving at Kaunas from the airport to their accommodation may be limited due to the increased demand and limited local options. The taxi prices are also expected to be much higher than normal. Euro Jet and its local partner are planning to use their own dedicated vehicles to transport crews upon request.

Kaunas Catering

Catering at Kaunas Airport must be ordered five days prior to the desired delivery date. Due to the increased demand, the catering order must be selected from a menu provided by the catering company. This menu can be provided upon request.

Designated Crew Area at Kaunas Airport

Euro Jet is partnering to create a designated crew area for the purposes of the summit. It will be located airside inside the old terminal and will include comfortable seating, a coffee machine, soft drinks, and a work area with a laptop and printer.

Regular Updates on Airport Procedures

As the NATO Summit preparations continue, there are several aspects of airport procedures which are still being determined by the airport authorities. Euro Jet will hold additional meetings with its partners at both Vilnius and Kaunas airports to gather the latest information.

Euro Jet is committed to providing regular updates to our customers. Please be in touch with us should you require any additional information. We will share these details with our customers as soon as the necessary information is provided.

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