Euro Jet Supporting Flights to the Sarajevo Business Forum 2023

Euro Jet Supporting Flights to the Sarajevo Business Forum 2023

15. 05. 2023 News 3min

Euro Jet is ready to support your flights related to the 12th Sarajevo Business Forum. This international investment and business conference will take place on May 17-18, 2023 under the auspices of the Presidency of Bosnia and Herzegovina in the country’s capital.

The forum is expected to draw more than 1,500 representatives from around 50 countries, including domestic, regional, and world leaders from governments, ministries, investors, and business communities. The presidents of Turkey, Slovenia, Serbia, and Montenegro, the Prime Minister of Malaysia, the Vice President of the European Commission, and UAE Minister of State for Foreign Trade have all confirmed their attendance. The night before the event begins, there will be a welcome dinner in which most of the dignitaries are expected to attend.

At Sarajevo airport, Euro Jet offers a wide range of flight support services.

Sarajevo experiences the busiest commercial traffic between 1200 and 16:00 local, right when most of the flights are expected to arrive. In order to ensure a seamless experience, passengers and crew can use the VIP lounge with a separate entrance and exit, avoiding the busy crowds in the main terminal. The VIP lounge is located airside in a separate building.

While there have been some issues with parking at Sarajevo airport due to ongoing renovations, an operational permit will be issued in time for the event and parking will be available. The airport will also extend its operating hours to 24 hours a day starting on May 15.

Euro Jet’s customers are welcome to use our own complimentary VIP crew lounge at Sarajevo airport located inside the main terminal. It offers a private area for aircraft crews to get some work done or relax and includes a fully equipped work station, wi-fi, printer, kitchenette, and complimentary snacks and beverages.

Euro Jet's team in Sarajevo: Country Manager Aida Selimovic and Ground Support Coordinator Nino Ninic

Euro Jet’s team in Bosnia and Herzegovina is led by our Country Manager, Aida Selimovic. At Sarajevo airport (LQSA/SJJ) all requested services are directly overseen by Aida and our experienced Ground Support Coordinator, Nino Ninic.

Our offer of flight support services includes:

We look forward to ensuring your flight to this prestigious event will be as smooth as possible.

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