Euro Jet Budapest Ready for UEFA Europa League Final 2023

Euro Jet Budapest Ready for UEFA Europa League Final 2023

18. 05. 2023 News 4min

Euro Jet is ready to support your flights to Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport (LHBP/BUD) for the highly anticipated UEFA Europa League Final set to take place at the Puskas Arena on May 31, 2023.

In order to give you the inside scoop on what to expect when flying privately to Budapest for the event, we talked to Peter Pazurek, Euro Jet's Country Manager for Hungary. Peter, along with his team, has extensive experience managing flights for major sporting events all across Hungary. Below is a brief interview with Peter, where we gleam from him some insight and advice on how Euro Jet can make your trip to the Finals seamless for your crew and passengers.

Peter Pazurek, Euro Jet's Country Manager for Hungary

Peter, this is the second UEFA high-profile match staged at the new Puskas Arena. The venue previously hosted the 2020 UEFA Super Cup in which Bayern beat Sevilla 2-1. What would you recommend to our customers in terms of flying to Budapest’s airport for this event based on your experience from three years ago?

It is truly an honor for Hungary to be once again hosting such a special match. The arena opened its doors in 2019 and boasts a capacity of over 65,000 seats – truly stunning!

Hosting an event of this magnitude always requires a lot of preparation, both on the operators’ as well as the host airport’s part. In my experience, an exceptional level of organization is always required for such events and the key to success lies in teamwork.

At Euro Jet Budapest, we are always ready to take on the challenge of supporting large-scale events. To ensure smooth and efficient organization of airport traffic, we kindly ask our customers to notify us of their incoming flights as soon as possible.

Are there any specifics for this event that Euro Jet is taking into account?

The airport has taken special measures to ensure the safe handling of this event. We have received a detailed bulletin published by Budapest airport outlining the specific regulations that must be followed on this occasion.

Airport slots will be applied at Budapest Airport on May 31. We urge our customers to plan accordingly and notify us of their arrival schedule as soon as possible to ensure a hassle-free experience.

Can you tell us more about the preparations your team is making for the influx of private jet passengers? How do you get ready?

We work closely with the airport to stay on top of all procedures which are being put in place. There will be a temporary closure of one of Budapest airport’s runways to allow for additional parking space for the high number of aircraft arriving for the event. During this time, we will be implementing a special departure procedure via the General Aviation Terminal for our clients.

Should the number of aircraft exceed the available parking capacity, our team in Hungary is well-equipped to assist with repositioning flights to nearby Hungarian airports. We have our own Ground Support Coordinators located at every airport in Hungary, including Gyor (LHPR/QGY), Debrecen (LHDC/DEB), Heviz-Balaton (LHSM/SOB), and Pecs (LHPP/PEV), and are able to provide our customers with the same level of exceptional flight support at all these airports.

Thank you, Peter, for this information and good luck!

Euro Jet's Team in Hungary is ready to support your flights for the highly anticipated UEFA Europa League Final.

Euro Jet’s wide range of flight support services includes:

 Contact us at ops@eurojet-service.com for any ground support service requests.

 We look forward to working with you in Hungary!

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