Flying to the Balkans: Albania

Flying to the Balkans: Albania

6. 07. 2022 Blog 5min

If you researched summer travel this year, one piece of information has consistently stood out. That is of course how busy travel has become as we can now fly with limited covid restrictions. Crowds of tourists are storming popular travel destinations as well as lesser known hidden treasures such as the Balkan country of Albania. 

In recent years the country of 3 million has attracted more and more beach lovers, wine enthusiasts as well as tourists eager to discover Albania’s beautiful cities and rich cultural history. If you are thinking of planning a flight to Albania, then keep reading as all the must-know information is right here.

What should you know when flying to Albania

Entry Airports

Albania’s main airport in the capital city of Tirana is very busy during summer as it draws the largest tourist crowds. Every year it has continued to grow its amount of visitors leading to more summer charter flights. Tirana airport also receives an increasing number of general aviation flights all year round as it remains the economic center of the country. Tirana airport has recently opened a new VIP terminal for private flights, allowing crews and passengers flying private the ability to avoid the main terminal and have a smoother arrival and departure experience.

Kukes, a city located in the northern part of Albania has an airport that is smaller and far less busy, which makes it a perfect alternate airport.

Airport Parking

During the busy summer season, overnight parking at Tirana airport will not be possible and all aircraft needing overnight parking will be redirected to the Kukes airport. Tirana airport will however accept daily layovers. In such cases, Euro Jet customers can make use of its crew office located airside next to the VIP terminal. 

Euro Jet office space at Tirana airport

For special flights, overnight parking at Tirana airport may be granted but this will depend upon the urgency and reason for the flight.

Alternate Airports

Within Albania, Kukes is an ideal alternate airport which usually has parking availability however the operating hours of the airport are from sunrise to sunset.

An additional alternate airport for overnight parking is Dubrovnik (LDDU/DBV) located in the southernmost point of the Croatian coast. Dubrovnik offers overnight parking and longer operating hours which can be extended at least 24 hours in advance.

Landing and Take-off Permits

All flights operating to Albania require landing permission, including tech stops and ambulance flights. All permit requests must be sent at least 3 working days before the flight and all updates/changes to be sent up to 24 hours before the flight.

Permits for Ambulance flights can be submitted less than 24 hours prior to the flight (please be aware of CAA opening hours during the Summer: Monday to Thursday 0600Z-1430Z, Friday 0600Z-1200Z)

Documents required for permits are the following:

  • standard operator and aircraft documents
  • crew medical certificates
  • copy of pilot licenses.

Euro Jet works directly with the Albanian Civil Aviation Authority and will do its best to have permits obtained on-time even for urgent or last minute flights.

How Can We Support Your Flights to Albania

Euro Jet is ready to provide trip support for all flights coming to Albania and provide your aircraft with a range of flight support services:

Euro Jet has its own team of local aviation professionals at both entry airports Tirana (LATI/ TIA)and Kukes (LAKU/ KFZ), led by Country Manager Behare Hallaqi Dujaka. Euro Jet’s Ground Service Coordinators are present on the ramp and personally oversee all aspects of each flight and ensure an excellent level of service.

Euro Jet's Country Manager for Albania, Behare Hallaqi Dujaka

At Tirana airport, Euro Jet also offers its crews a complimentary office space where they can relax or get some work done.

Euro Jet's Ground Handling Operator at Tirana airport, Arber Vavla

Contact our dispatch center at ops@eurojet-service.com for any service requests.

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