Strong Season for Euro Jet in Hungary

Strong Season for Euro Jet in Hungary

19. 06. 2024 News 5min

Euro Jet’s team in Hungary is gearing up for a busy summer: For six months starting on July 1, Hungary will assume the rotating Presidency of the Council of the European Union. In the second half of July, Budapest will host one of its biggest annual sporting events, the Hungarian Grand Prix followed at the beginning of August by its largest cultural event, the Sziget music festival.

As the air traffic and operation at Budapest Ferenc Liszt Airport (LHBP/BUD) will be affected by the procedures and security measures implemented in connection to the Presidency, we have prepared an overview of the most important things to know when planning a private or diplomatic flight to Budapest this summer.

Euro Jet is ready to support flights related to the Hungarian Grand Prix, Hungary's EU Presidency as well as the Sziget music festival.

Hungarian EU Presidency (July 1 – December 31, 2024)

While some details of the arrival and departure airport procedures are still to be announced by the Hungarian government, it has been confirmed that all diplomatic flights related to the Presidency will be handled at Terminal 1, also called the Old Terminal. For the duration of the Presidency, Terminal 1 will reopen and all delegations flying into Budapest will use it to pass immigration and customs.

Parking in front of the General Aviation Terminal will be temporarily reserved for flights related to the EU Government and other diplomatic operations. Passengers and crews can expect strict security measures that will be in place throughout the GAT and the adjacent parking area.

We will keep you informed if any additional restrictions, special airport procedures, or new parking rules are announced. Please follow our LinkedIn profile for further updates.

Led by Country Manager, Peter Pazurek, our team in Hungary has over a decade long experience supporting flights related to diplomatic, sports as well as cultural events.

Hungarian Grand Prix (July 19 -21, 2024)

As is the case every year, our on-the-ground team in Budapest is ready to support your flights arriving for the Hungarian Grand Prix taking place over the third weekend in July at the Hungaroring circuit.

Due to the EU Presidency happening simultaneously, please be prepared for possible delays and make all the necessary arrangements and orders well in advance. The parking situation at the airport will be influenced by the fact that the parking area in front of the GAT will be reserved for the Presidency-related diplomatic flights. All VIP passengers and crew will be able to utilize the 24/7 customs and immigration service available in the General Aviation Terminal.

We recommend ordering fuel one day ahead of your scheduled departure. It is also advised to book hotel accommodations as soon as your flight schedule is confirmed.

If repositioning your aircraft is required, Debrecen Airport (LHDC/DEB) and Heviz-Balaton (LHSM/SOB) can serve as good alternates. They are both about 200 km away from Budapest and Euro Jet has dedicated staff at each airport.

Euro Jet's team of Ground Service Coordinators are based at every major airport in Hungary.

Sziget Music Festival (August 7-12, 2024)

Flights related to Hungary’s largest music event will be affected by the parking restrictions in front of the GAT implemented due to the EU Presidency. It is recommended to submit all fuel orders one day in advance. We would also like to ask our customers to inform us in advance about the amount of baggage or music equipment the passengers will be flying with so we can ensure smooth service upon arrival and departure.

We will keep you updated about any further airport regulations related to the festival closer to the event. Our 24/7 Operations Control Center will also provide you with the latest information. Please reach out to your dedicated Key Account Manager to learn about our service for your flight operation in Hungary.

Euro Jet's team in Hungary can provide our customers with a full range of flight support services.

Euro Jet in Hungary

Led by Country Manager, Peter Pazurek, Euro Jet’s team in Hungary has over a decade long experience supporting flights related to diplomatic, sports as well as cultural events. Peter and his team of Ground Service Coordinators are based at every major airport in Hungary where they can provide our customers with a full range of flight support services:

We look forward to assisting with your flights in Hungary this summer!

Images: Euro Jet Archive, Shutterstock

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