What advice do you have for women who want to work in aviation?

What advice do you have for women who want to work in aviation?

8. 03. 2024 Blog 4min

For this year’s International Women’s Day, we posed this question to our top four female managers in the Balkan region. Aida Selimovic, Country Manager for Bosnia and Herzegovina, Behare Hallaqi, Country Manager for Albania and Kosovo, Fedelia Trasnea, Station Manager in Bucharest, and Simona Skanata, Station Manager in Tivat. They shared with us their insightful and inspiring points of view on how to achieve a successful career in the field of business aviation.

Simona, Behare, Aida, and Fedelia shared with us their inspiring points of view on how to achieve a successful career in the field of business aviation.

Simona addresses the elephant in the room right away: “The very term aviation can sound intimidating and demotivate us with a thought that it is perhaps more of a ‘man’s job’.” This refers to some of the stereotypes surrounding aviation that as a technological field it is no place for a woman. The fact is that women play vital roles across various sectors of the industry as Aida points out: “From piloting and engineering to management and administration, women contribute their expertise, passion, and determination to ensure the smooth operation and advancement of aviation worldwide.”

So how to thrive professionally in this demanding and competitive environment? The four managers all agree that a crucial thing for a woman in aviation is to maintain a healthy level of confidence in herself. “Believe in your abilities and stand firm in pursuing your goals, regardless of any obstacles or stereotypes you may encounter along the way,” is Behare’s first advice.

Fedelia highlights the importance of networking with other professionals. She recommends attending aviation events and connecting online through various platforms: “Don’t shy away from participating in discussions and seeking advice from experienced professionals.” Aida concurs and takes it a step further – women in aviation should support and uplift other women in aviation; they should be role models for each other and celebrate each other’s achievements.

Euro Jet's top four female managers in the Balkan region (left to right): Aida Selimovic, Simona Skanata, Behare Hallaqi, and Fedelia Trasnea.

For Simona, it is all about “strength of will, curiosity, and persistent work”. Behare also agrees, that in the dynamic field of aviation, women need to “stay informed, continuously educate themselves about the industry, and be prepared to seize opportunities as they arise”. She also believes that taking on challenges and turning them into opportunities is crucial and encourages women to step out of their comfort zone, be resilient, and approach any problems with a proactive and innovative mindset.

Aida sums it all up nicely: “For women in the aviation industry, my advice would be to stay confident, network with other women in the field for support and mentorship, continuously educate yourself, and do not be afraid to take on challenges and leadership.” Simona adds that “a friendly smile, professionalism, and a dose of healthy humor” can take everyone a long way.

And the very final words of motivation from Fedelia? “Stay focused and keep track of your progress. Don’t let limiting beliefs hold you back from achieving your dreams.”

Happy International Women’s Day!

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