Flight Planning: 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Provider

Flight Planning: 8 Tips for Choosing the Right Provider

16. 04. 2024 Blog 4min

Thanks to the wide variety of available flight planning software, flight planning services have become a standard product offered by trip support companies all around the globe. But how to choose the right provider that would fit your flight planning needs and ensure a hassle-free summer season for your business? 

We have put together 8 points that we think you should consider when deciding on your flight planning partner.

How to choose the right flight planning provider that would be a good match for your business needs?

I. 24/7 Support

General aviation is not an industry that would run according to a rigid schedule and your pilots need support around the clock. Choose a flight planning supplier that will be there for you 24/7.

Do you already have a team of in-house flight planners? However, are they all-in one-time zone? Then consider selecting a provider that can supplement the work of your existing team during their off hours and help you resolve unexpected challenges anytime.

II. Flight Planning Software

With a wide variety of software options available, it is important to select what works best for you and your pilots. When outsourcing flight planning, your vendor should be proficient in the software you are using.

III. Live Monitoring

As a standard procedure, your flight planning provider should follow your flight enroute and keep you informed about up-to-the-minute weather forecasts and other important updates so that decisions about your flight operation can be made proactively and with no delay.

IV. Regulatory Excellence

Adherence to all aviation regulations is an absolute must. Make sure that your flight planning provider has global experience and knowledge of specific regulations all around the world.

V. Air Safety

Ensuring timeliness, or optimal routes is essential. But it must never come at the cost of compromising safety.

VI. Flexibility & Customization

The requirements of your flight operation may evolve or change, which means that your flight planning provider must be able to customize your flight plans according to the latest conditions.

You should also have the option to review your flight plan one-on-one with your dedicated flight planner and make adjustments as needed anytime.

VII. Fuel Efficiency

Prioritizing cost-effective routes leads to optimal fuel consumption and helps achieve savings for your business. Your flight planning provider should be capable of ensuring this while maintaining safety and punctuality throughout your journey.

VIII. Precision Planning

Your flight planning provider should carefully consider all aspects of your flight operation. The final flight plan must be 100% precise and compatible with your aircraft specifications and all regulatory requirements.

Euro Jet's in-house team of flight planners has you covered anytime.

At Euro Jet, we believe that our in-house team of flight planners with 25+ years of experience meet all eight points listed above. They have you covered anytime, are flexible, have global knowledge and access to our extensive airport database, and can provide expert advisory services, including guidance on permits and regulations in the most challenging locations.

Whether you choose us or go with another partner, we hope that your flights will be planned and executed in the best possible way.

Images: Euro Jet Archive

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