Euro Jet Revving Up for Baku Grand Prix Flights

Euro Jet Revving Up for Baku Grand Prix Flights

10. 05. 2021 News 1min

Euro Jet is ready to support your flights related to the Formula 1 Azerbaijan Grand Prix this June 4-6, 2021.

The race will take takes place at the 6.003-kilometer long Baku City Circuit on Sunday, June 6. We expect a significant amount of private aircraft arriving with drivers, crew, media, corporate sponsors and spectators.

Euro Jet has extensive experience supporting Formula One flights and can properly assist with navigating all the special airport rules and procedures related to the event. If you are planning on going, we strongly advise you to apply ASAP for your slot. Furthermore, Azerbaijan requires an entry VISA for all visitors, including citizens of the United States and Schengen countries.

Euro Jet can assist with all aspects of your flight to Baku including ground handling support, competitively priced jet fuel, slot coordination, flight planning, arranging landing and take-off permits, in-flight catering, crew accommodation, transportation, and credit for all qualified customers.

We look forward to supporting your flights in Baku!

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