Flying to the Balkans: Montenegro

Flying to the Balkans: Montenegro

8. 06. 2021 Blog 3min

Montenegro is one of the most visited countries in the Balkan region. Most of the incoming visitors fly into Montenegro on numerous commercial or private flights, which land at one of the two entry airports – Podgorica Airport or Tivat Airport.

Even though Montenegro is quite a small country, it has access to the Adriatic Sea and its coastline offers countless breathtaking beaches and beautiful secluded bays. Montenegro also known for the iconic peninsula Sveti Stefan, one of the world's most unique and luxurious seaside resorts.

What should you know when flying to Montenegro

Please find below important information regarding air travel and airports, if you are planning a flight to Montenegro.

Entry Airports

Entry airports in Montenegro handle a high volume of commercial flights as well as private and business aviation flights. Both airports become exceptionally busy during the summer season, with almost no availability in terms of aircraft parking. Short turnarounds are possible, however an overnight stay or extended aircraft parking is rarely available at either airport, so repositioning the aircraft will be necessary.

Alternate Airports

There are no suitable alternate airports for parking in Montenegro. The best alternate airport options with aircraft parking availability are in Croatia or Bosnia and Herzegovina. Our local Euro Jet ground support teams are ready to assist also at these locations.

Landing and Take-off Permits

The official lead time for the landing permits is 3 days, although it can be obtained in a shorter time. The CAA is closed on weekends, but it is still possible to obtain the landing permits.

How can we support your flights in Montenegro?

Euro Jet is ready to provide trip support for all flights coming to Montenegro and provide your aircraft with a range of flight support services:

Euro Jet Montenegro is led by our Country Manager Danilo Rakocevic. Danilo and his team on-the-ground will personally oversee all VIP operations and ensure the highest level of service. Our local team consists of experienced aviation professionals with extensive knowledge of all entry airports in Montenegro. 

Euro Jet also has its own VIP complimentary crew lounge at Tivat Airport (TIV/LYTV), which is located right on the ramp. As is the case with all Euro Jet VIP lounges, our Tivat crew facility offers a work station with computer, printer and wi-fi, kitchenette and a variety of complimentary snacks and beverages.

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