Flying to the Balkans: Slovenia

Flying to the Balkans: Slovenia

11. 08. 2022 Blog 5min

Slovenia is the green heart of Europe that arguably has it all: Charming cities, beautiful mountains with ski resorts, spectacular lakes, a famous wine country and even a short stretch of the Adriatic Sea.

Located strategically in the western, central and eastern part of the country, all three of Slovenia’s main airports: Portoroz, Ljubljana, and Maribor are the perfect gateways to this small Balkan gem where locals are known for their hard-to-beat hospitality and friendliness.

Portoroz, Ljubljana and Maribor airports and Euro Jet's dedicated team at each airport

The Key Things to Know When Flying to Slovenia:

Entry Airports

Ljubljana is the main airport located just 30 minutes from the city center of Slovenia’s capital. Flights into Ljubljana’s airport are increasing, especially during the summer season thanks to many charter flights. This year its expected that 880,000 passengers (scheduled and charter traffic) will pass through the airport.

Ljubljana airport and its General Aviation Center

For private jet passengers and crews, a general aviation terminal with a VIP lounge is available in Terminal B (former main terminal). Customers intending to use the VIP lounge must reserve it in advance and pay an extra fee.

Map of General Aviation Center at LJLJ

Maribor airport is the second largest airport, though unlike Portoroz, it is an option for international commercial carriers. Currently it does not handle any regular scheduled flights. Most of the traffic consists of ad-hoc charter flights (such as sports teams) or other general aviation traffic. While Maribor airport has a VIP lounge, it is very rarely used thanks to the efficiency of the airport. Private jet passengers and crews usually have priority and are taken right away through security and customs.

At Portoroz airport, the runway is only 1,205 meters long and thus suitable for smaller aircraft. Plans for extending it and opening the airport to larger aircraft and more traffic are under way.

Airport Parking

At Ljubljana airport parking positions are available, and therefore there is no need to reposition the aircraft to surrounding airports. Even during the Presidency of the European Union which Slovenia hosted in the second half of 2021, the airport was able to handle and provide parking for over 30 general aviation flights within two hours. Despite all the open positions, parking confirmation is still required prior to arrival.

Maribor airport usually has parking available as well.

Alternate Airports

Should there be a need to reposition from Ljubljana, Maribor is an ideal airport.

Landing and Take-off Permits

Ljubljana airport currently has no airport slot requirements.

A landing/take-off permit is required for aircraft above 12 tons of MTOW, however there are exceptions for carriers from member states of the European Economic Area (EEA) when operating routes within the member countries. This includes aircraft with an emergency, urgent medical flights, humanitarian flights, and search and rescue flights. The above-mentioned flights will be accepted by submission of a flight plan.

All transit flights and technical landings do not need any special permission for landing.

How Can We Support Your Flights to Slovenia

Euro Jet is ready to provide trip support for all flights coming to Slovenia and provide your aircraft with a range of the following flight support services:

Euro Jet has its own team of local aviation professionals who support our customers’ flights at all three Slovenian airports. Ljubljana (LJLJ/LJU) and Portoroz (LJPZ/POW) airports are supervised by Station Manager Dusan Lovrencec and Ground Support Coordinator Spela Budic. Euro Jet’s LJLJ team is ready to provide supervision and assist its customers in both the main terminal or in the General Aviation Center in Terminal B.

At Maribor (LJMB/MBX), Euro Jet flights are supported by Ground Support Coordinator Boris Spehar.

Euro Jet's Station Manager at LJLJ airport, Dusan Lovrencec

All our Station Managers and Ground Service Coordinators are present directly on the ramp and personally oversee all aspects of each flight and ensure an excellent level of service.

Please contact our dispatch center at ops@eurojet-service.com for any service requests.

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