Euro Jet Ready for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Maribor, Slovenia

Euro Jet Ready for the European Youth Olympic Festival in Maribor, Slovenia

19. 07. 2023 News 3min

Euro Jet’s team in Slovenia is prepared to provide flight support services for the European Youth Olympic Festival which will take place this July 23 to 29, 2023 in Maribor.

Held under the auspices of the European Olympic Committee, the biennial summer edition of the festival is the largest multi-sport event for young European athletes aged 14 to 18. This year, 2,400 talented youth from 48 European countries are set to compete in 11 different disciplines: artistic gymnastics, athletics, 3x3 basketball, handball, judo, mountain bike, road cycling, skateboarding, swimming, tennis, and volleyball. The competitions will take place across 15 venues within the city of Maribor.

Boris Spehar, Euro Jet's Ground Service Coordinator at Maribor airport

All incoming general aviation traffic related to this event will arrive directly at Maribor Airport (LJMB/MBX). Euro Jet has its own Ground Service Coordinator, Boris Spehar at LJMB who will be present airside and ready to support our customers’ flights.

PPR (Prior Permission Required) is mandatory for all general aviation flights arriving at LJMB during the entire event. All flights – general and commercial – will need the PPR on July 22 and July 30 as the airport deems it necessary to moderate the amount of air traffic before and after the festival. On these two days, aircraft parking will also not be possible due to the expected heavy traffic.

Maribor airport (LJMB/MBX)

We strongly recommend our customers to order refueling on July 22 and July 30 with prior notice. On any other day, prior notice will not be necessary, and fuel will be delivered within minutes.

While most operators are expected to arrange their own catering, local catering services at Maribor Airport are available and can arrange any requested group catering orders.

Please note that there will be a final disruption at Maribor Airport from 12:00 UTC on July 24 until July 25. The entire airport will be closed and the runway will not be operational during this time as it will be used for a festival event.

Euro Jet's team in Slovenia

Led by Country Manager Dusan Lovrencec, Euro Jet Slovenia can provide the following services at Maribor Airport:

We look forward to supporting your flights in Maribor!

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