Euro Jet Ready for the Ice Hockey World Championship in the Czech Republic

Euro Jet Ready for the Ice Hockey World Championship in the Czech Republic

23. 04. 2024 News 6min

After 9 years, Euro Jet is excited to welcome the Ice Hockey World Championship back to the Czech Republic. The Championship will take place this May 10-26, 2024 in the cities of Prague and Ostrava.

The tournament will be held at two stadiums – the O2 Arena in the country’s capital of Prague and the Ostravar Arena in Ostrava, located in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. The O2 Arena has a capacity of 17,500 visitors and is located 35 minutes from the international airport, while the Ostravar Arena can accommodate 8,812 fans and is situated just 24 minutes from the airport.

Drawing on our extensive experience with ice hockey events throughout the entire Central and Eastern Europe, Euro Jet’s teams at Vaclav Havel Prague Airport (LKPR/PRG) and Leos Janacek Ostrava Airport (LKMT/OSR) are fully prepared to provide our customers with comprehensive flight support services at both locations.

While both airports are very well prepared for the anticipated influx of both commercial and general aviation flights, there are several points which we believe operators and brokers should be aware of when arranging flights related to this event.

At Prague airport, Euro Jet's Country Manager, Vlastimil Sovak leads a team with extensive experience coordinating flights related to sporting events.

Prague: Vaclav Havel Airport (LKPR/PRG)

There are three terminals at Prague’s Vaclav Havel Airport: Terminal 1 and Terminal 2 accommodate all commercial traffic while Terminal 3 supports all general aviation flights.


Please be aware that in the event of heavy flight traffic a lack of slots can occur for both the arrival and departure.

Parking / Alternate Airports

Parking for business jets will be available at Terminal 3. Should the the number of aircraft exceed Terminal 3’s parking capacity, the airport will use the old Ramp No. 22 for additional parking.

There are 2 alternate airports in the vicinity of Prague Airport. Repositioning your aircraft to Vodochody (LKVO/VOD) will take only 15 minutes but the airport has a very limited capacity and can only accommodate small aircraft. Pardubice (LKPD/PED) is prepared to accommodate larger aircraft and the air distance from Prague Airport is 37 minutes. Please note that arrivals and departures at both airports are only available during each airport‘s operating hours.

Catering and Fuel

Both catering and fuel can be ordered as you would for a normal operation. There are no special restrictions and no advanced order requests are necessary.


While there are numerous hotel options available in Prague, we recommend finalizing your accommodation bookings as soon as possible.

Euro Jet is ready to support your flights at both Prague and Ostrava airports as well as at any alternate airport within the Czech Republic.

Ostrava: Leos Janacek Airport (LKMT/OSR)

Ostrava airport is well equipped to manage all hockey-related flights as well as any increased traffic. Air Baltic has announced adding five commercial return flights between Riga and Ostrava during the tournament.

Aircraft Priority

The airport does not plan to implement slot allocation. However, in the event of increased traffic, scheduled commercial traffic will be given priority.

Parking / Alternate Airports

Both short-term and long-term parking should be available. The aircraft might need to be towed to more remote parking positions within the airport.

A 30-minute flight to the south-west of Ostrava, Prerov (LKPO/PRV) can serve as an alternate airport to LKMT.

Customs and Immigration

There is one main terminal for all types of flights at Ostrava airport. If requested or required, check-in and security personnel will be increased. Euro Jet can also provide meet and greet services for both large charter or private flights.

For flights within the Schengen area, a bus or car pickup can be arranged directly from the apron without any passport and immigration control.

VIP Lounges

There are two VIP lounges available at the airport. The VIP lounge in the departure hall has to be booked in advance. The second lounge is self-serviced and can be accessed through the arrival hall.


We advise our customers to submit your fuel orders in advance as the local fuel provider sends order requests for approval to their headquarters. Adding extra lead time will help process your request in a timely manner.


Due to limited working hours, it is recommended to order catering 24 to 48 hours prior to departure. Please note that there is no standard menu and special requests can be accommodated only if ordered sufficiently in advance.


While the majority of hotels inside the city of Ostrava are fully booked at this point, additional 4-star accomodations can be arranged in the neighboring cities of Novy Jicin, Frenstat or Roznov pod Radhostem.

Euro Jet's Prague FBO includes a complimentary VIP crew lounge as well as ramp vehicles and a hangar facility.

Euro Jet in the Czech Republic

At Prague airport, Euro Jet’s Country Manager, Vlastimil Sovak leads a team of 13 Airport Concierge and Ground Technical Support staff who have many years of experience coordinating flights related to sporting events. Euro Jet’s Prague FBO operation includes a spacious complimentary VIP crew lounge as well as a hangar facility, ramp vehicles, and our own ground handling equipment.

In Ostrava, Euro Jet’s local Ground Service Coordinators, Petr Bohm and Petr Osterezy are ready to assist anytime. The team is also able to assist at any alternate airport within the Czech Republic.

In both Prague and Ostrava, Euro Jet can offer the following services:

We look forward to supporting your flights in the Czech Republic!

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