Euro Jet Slovakia to Support Flights for the Lovestream Music Festival

Euro Jet Slovakia to Support Flights for the Lovestream Music Festival

8. 08. 2023 News 3min

Euro Jet’s team in Slovakia is excited to support flights for the new Lovestream Music Festival taking place at the Old Vajnory Airport in Bratislava this August 18-20, 2023.

In its second year, the festival promises three days of world-class music and will welcome thousands of music fans who will hear a lineup that includes The Killers, Martin Garrix, Imagine Dragons, and DJ Hardwell.

The Old Vajnory Airport is located 6km away from Bratislava’s main M.R. Stefanik Airport (LZIB/BTS), an eight-minute drive to the festival.

While most hotels are situated 15 minutes away in downtown Bratislava, there are also accommodation options in the vicinity of the festival as well as the airport. These include the NH Gate One and Vienna House Easy Bratislava.

Euro Jet is ready to support flights for the second year of the Lovestream festival in Bratislava, Slovakia.

At Bratislava Airport (LZIB/BTS), slots are required for all aircraft over 4 tons. While slot issues related to the festival are not expected, we do advise our customers to obtain slots as soon as possible as the summer months have increased flights. Even though it is not mandatory to submit the GENDEC in advance, it is nonetheless recommended for larger charter flights.

There are enough parking positions available at the airport. If there are not enough parking spots, then select taxiways will close to provide more parking.

Passengers and crew will be transported from their parking position to the airport’s General Aviation Terminal by a ramp car as it is not possible to park aircraft within the GAT’s walking zone. The transportation by ramp car will not take more than a couple of minutes.

We recommend to order catering well in advance as it will not be possible to accommodate last-minute catering requests.

Euro Jet’s team at Bratislava Airport is there to guarantee a seamless travel experience.

Led by Filip Klimko, our Country Manager for Slovakia, Euro Jet’s team at Bratislava Airport is there to guarantee a seamless travel experience. Our Ground Service Coordinators, Eva Dureckova and Lenka Glasova, have full access to the airport terminal, ramp, and GAT and are ready to provide a wide range of flight support services:

We look forward to working with you in Bratislava!

Images: Euro Jet, Lovestream, Shutterstock

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