Euro Jet Update on Airports in Slovakia

Euro Jet Update on Airports in Slovakia

18. 01. 2021 News 1min

Euro Jet would like to update you on several items happening at airports in Slovakia.

Sliac Airport (SLD/LZSL) has closed for reconstruction and is scheduled to reopen in approximately 3 years.

We can recommend the following airports as alternates to LZSL:

Please note that Piestany Airport currently offers discounted rates for 2021. These special rates will be valid throughout the entire year and concern all cargo flights as well as refueling stops for all types of aircraft. The discounted rates cover the costs for aircraft services, ramp services, cargo services. Additional services that include catering, crew accommodation, and crew transportation are also discounted.

Please reach out to us at ops@eurojet-service.com for detailed information regarding any additional information you may require regarding flights into Slovakia. Our local team of highly experienced Ground Service Coordinators, led by our Slovak Country Manager Filip Klimko, are prepared to ensure the highest quality and seamless provision of all requested ground support services.

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